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How a Family Visit Taught Me the Value of Miller’s Gravy and Fellowship

December 10, 2014

“Let’s drive to a restaurant and eat breakfast before you and your family drive home.” Our group was rather large; however, a quaint restaurant was found with seating capacity to accommodate all of us.

Orders for breakfast items were recorded by our kind waitress with a genuine smile. Each time she completed a page of breakfast orders, it was apparent this waitress was the server our group needed. Thankful to receive good service with good food, my appreciation increased while observing her servant attitude.

With confidence she asked, “Do you need anything else?” In an adjacent seat, I heard a request for Miller’s gravy. It seemed plausible that I’d missed the listing for Miller’s gravy on the breakfast menu.

“Who wants the ketchup?” The casual question of four words from our waitress captured my attention. A cousin pointed toward the opposite side of the table. “Over there.” After a pause and an extended glance, I saw Miller’s gravy; it was ketchup. The visual image of ketchup covering an entire plate of hash brown potatoes and scrambled eggs is etched in my memory.

“Why?” The one word question slipped through my lips. Gentle laughter surrounded me. In unison the group proclaimed, “Heinz ketchup. It’s a family tradition at breakfast, over everything.”

That gravy conversation reminded me of the gravy Mom had oftentimes prepared for our family. Her version was a delight to smell and to eat. Even though a bottle of ketchup was a staple item in our refrigerator, we had never eaten Miller’s gravy at breakfast.

An African proverb reads, “If you close your eyes, you can see far.” When closing my eyes now, it is easy to remember the morning our extended family ate breakfast together. A substantial amount of ketchup consumption at breakfast precipitated a vivid memory from several years ago with a lot of new giggles.

Years have elapsed since we enjoyed that visit with family. The memory was and is a picture for a post card. It was the last time I enjoyed a 4th of July vacation with mom. Conversations, video cameras capturing laughter, a volleyball game or two, and the gift of time enjoyed in the picturesque mountains of West Virginia are now cherished memories.

Reflecting on that visit, I understand now the value of listening and observation. It is essential to embrace the myriad gifts of life with gratitude.

Although I may not eat Miller’s gravy at breakfast, I appreciate its value as well as how to order it. The distance between our family members is merely a noun rather than an obstacle.



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7 Steps to Cook a Great Spaghetti Dinner in a Slow Cooker Without Cooking in a Hot Kitchen

December 2, 2014

When hearing the 7 simple steps for a spaghetti dinner recipe prepared in a slow cooker for the first time, I was skeptical. However, after implementing this cooking skill in my kitchen, the entire family was delighted with the results. Using this cooking knowledge will empower you to prepare a great spaghetti dinner with your slow cooker and only 4 ingredients.

Warm up your crock pot rather than your kitchen. With an initial investment of just 20 minutes plus four hours and a few minutes later, you can enjoy this great spaghetti dinner whether the weather is hot or cold.

You will need a slow cooker, a 25.5 ounce jar of organic garlic roasted garlic pasta sauce, an 8 ounce package of frozen veggie meatballs, 6 ounces of angel hair pasta, and 16 ounces of water.

Step 1 – Select the “high” setting for the base of your crock pot and allow it to warm for 20 minutes.

Step 2 – Pour the entire contents from the jar of pasta sauce into the cooking dish. Next, pour 8 ounces of cold water into the empty pasta sauce jar. Replace the lid of the jar and rotate it until you can pour out the rest of the pasta sauce mixed with water into your cooking dish. Next, cover it with the appropriate lid. Heat up the pasta sauce for a minimum of 30 minutes before proceeding to Step 3.

Step 3 – Open the frozen package of veggie meatballs and gently pour them into the steaming pasta sauce. Cover this mixture of ingredients with the appropriate lid. Continue cooking on the “high” setting for at least 4 hours.

Step 4 – Stir through the mixture of pasta sauce and veggie meatballs with a large spoon.

Step 5 – Break the angel hair pasta into small sections and gently stir the pasta into the mixture of pasta sauce with veggie meatballs. Pour in 8 ounces of water over this mixture and stir through it with a large spoon. Replace the cover on your dish and continue cooking for an additional 30 minutes on the “high” setting.

Step 6 – Stir through the mixture with a large spoon again before serving.

Step 7 – Serve and enjoy eating a healthier version of a classic spaghetti dinner with only four ingredients and your slow cooker.

The combination of these ingredients easily serves 4 adults. It smells delicious and tastes scrumptious.This dinner is suitable for children and adults. Cooks will especially enjoy the minimal time required to clean the slow cooker.

This culinary process is one of the most valuable cooking lessons I’ve learned from my daughter and a great example of a quote by Charles Spurgeon, “To know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom.



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