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A Simple Math Education in Common Sense

November 18, 2009

A few years ago I registered for a class that promised to teach coupon clippers how to save more money. One of the first lessons taught in the class was to be observant and search for bargains in the back of the store. The instructor said, “Begin your search at the lowest rack on the shelf and finish with the top shelf after you’ve scanned all of the shelves.”

I remember those words of wisdom. Just a week ago I was shopping for office supplies and scanned the clearance shelf for hidden treasures at bargain prices. My eyes stopped on a box for custom stamps. The retail price was $19.99 and the clearance price was $11.50. As I read the contents of the kit and the directions, I was struck with the question, “Why are these stamp kits on the clearance shelf?”

My decision to purchase one box of twenty stamps was out of curiosity. Twenty stamps for $11.50 seemed like a reasonable price for 1st class postage. Instead of 44 cents per stamp, the cost would be 58 cents. It was a small price to pay for custom stamps where I could select one of my own photos as the face of the stamp.

With my laptop and stamp kit, I immediately went to work after I arrived home. When I typed in the promotional code for the kit and proceeded to the checkout page, the final price due was zero. The stamps I ordered were 44 cent stamps even though the kit indicated 42 cents. That’s when I realized why the stamp kits were in the clearance section. Apparently a quick decision had been made to clear out the old products and restock the shelves with new products.

Today when I mailed a package at the post office, I saw the same stamp kit for 20 stamps but this kit sold for $24.95. The only difference in the packages was the picture which represented 44 cent stamps instead of 42 cent stamps. It was the same product but twice as expensive as the first kit I found on the clearance shelf.

Needless to say I returned to the office supply store and immediately walked to the clearance section. I found five packages exactly like the package I purchased last week so I took immediate action and purchased all five packages. It was as if I had seen something that other people had overlooked.

You may be wondering why I would be willing to pay 58 cents for stamps when I can buy them for 44 cents. My reason is simple. The stamps I order will be my choice rather than standard post office stamps. I saw the idea and opportunity to create a unique product for a minimal investment.

Just a few days ago I read an article in a local newspaper, Words of Wisdom. One of the quotes caught my attention and my hope is that it will also cause you to think.

“Some people dream of success, while others wake up and word hard at it.” It seemed to be a generic statement upon first glance, however, as I thought about it I realized a deeper meaning.

Ideas and dreams are catalysts for opportunities. The question that remains is this one. Will you take the next step beyond where you are to think for yourself or will you be satisfied to let others think for you?


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