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One Opportunity I Almost Lost – Love for an Angel

October 5, 2007

Ten years ago, one of my friends and I had been talking about the fact how much both of our children loved dogs. I remarked, “My daughter really wants another dog as a pet.” Our first dog died when my daughter was only five years of age. And, since our home had been without a pet for over six years it seemed like our hearts were ready to love another dog.

My friend told me about a fellow she often spoke with at work who wanted to give three puppies to a good home. If I was interested in adopting one of the puppies, all I needed to do was call him and mention she had given me his name.

I called Bill and inquired about a good time to visit the puppies. He enthusiastically agreed to a lunch meeting with the three puppies. They were only four weeks old and I immediately fell in love with the runt of the litter. She quietly and quickly climbed out of the dog bed, leaving her two sisters behind. Tiny and tender, I cuddled her in my hands. “This is the one I want,” I told him. He said since I was the first to visit the puppies, I could have the pick of the litter. “She can go home with you in two weeks,” he remarked.

We purchased for Angel a pet taxi, harness, leash, custom sized dog food bowl, and water dish. Eagerly anticipating the day we could bring her home, we were thrilled. Always ready with a camera for those special photo moments, I snapped a few photos of our new miniature rat terrier with my daughter and one of me holding her tiny life in my lap.

“Let’s call her Angel,” my husband said. My daughter and I quickly agreed because she was so delicate and dainty. The name stuck so we officially adopted Angel on Wednesday, March 6, 1996.

My daughter asked if I could bring Angel to school for a special event in her 4th grade class, which permitted pets. Making the necessary arrangements, I arrived in my daughter’s classroom and told the kids about Angel and her arrival in our home. They loved her too. Unique in size, color, and temperament, she quietly watched the kids.

About two months later, I decided it would be a good idea to write Bill a thank you note expressing our appreciation to him for this wonderful gift of new life in our home. I included photos I had taken of Angel and mailed the note. Although I never received a response from Bill, I knew it was what I needed to do.

Reading the newspaper only four months later, my eyes glanced at a name that was similar to Angel’s first human dad. “That’s odd,” I remember thinking. The name I read in the obituaries was too familiar. Continuing to read the column, I gasped as I read the name of his employer. My thoughts raced, “This can’t be true.” He was just a few years older than me.

When I returned to work, I called the office where Bill had worked to express my condolences because of the incredible gift he had given to my family. The receptionist answering the phone listened to my story. As I told her the details of how we had received Angel, her voice began to break. “You’re the one…” she said. “We never knew your name,” she continued.

I remembered walking to Bill’s office for the lunch visit with Angel but that was the only time I had ever visited his office. “We always wondered who you were. The pictures you sent to him holding the puppy touched his heart. You see, he posted those photos on one of the walls in his office but we did not know your name.” Her voice paused as she said, “We always wondered…”

Who would have ever thought a thank you note and a few photographs would have meant so much to this man who died only six months after I first met him? A simple thank you note to him for the puppy he had given my family had touched several lives and taught all of us an important lesson.

If you are waiting on the perfect moment to take action, remember the lesson I learned. You may have only one opportunity.

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Knee Deep in Dough – How the Bread Guy Fed Me With God’s Love

October 3, 2007

An accurate description of a local bakery is “knee deep in dough.” One of the managers in the bakery, that bread guy (my name for him) offers a smile and greets everyone with an authenticity which is rare to see.

Mouth-watering aromas of their assortment of daily fresh baked breads float through the air. Although I have no idea of how many loaves of bread or specialty items are sold there six days a week, I do know the store is rich in more ways than just with dough.

Every week I purchase a loaf or two of whole wheat bread at the bakery. Each time I am there, that bread guy is smiling and full of life. Although I already know the answer for the secret of happiness, I realize I often neglect accepting life’s abundant blessings due to the busy-ness of life.

With each visit to the bakery, that bread guy shared a truth with me from God’s word or told me about a movie, a book, or an event which had helped him on his journey.

Last week waiting my turn in line to purchase bread, I noticed a poem on the wall which had always been displayed. The poem caught my attention only when I paused to wait. I hope these words of wisdom from an unknown author will encourage you to pause and think.

“Be gentle when you touch bread;
let it not lie uncared for, taken for granted, or unwanted.

There is such beauty in bread.
Beauty of sun and soil and beauty of patient toil.
Winds and rains caressed it.
Christ often blessed it.
Be gentle when you touch bread.”

Forty-eight simple words describe appreciation for bread. Have you thought about the sunshine, rain and work required to prepare bread?

Bread was blessed was Christ. This author encourages us to be gentle with bread and to appreciate its beauty and the work required for creating bread. This type of appreciation is something which can only be done in a gentle moment, when we pause.

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A Polished Poem Written By Hand – A Candle of Light to Understand Life

September 24, 2007

The woman gave a handwritten poem to my daughter at the jewelry store where Emily worked. A flat piece of paper, the poem rested on a chair in our home. After several days, I was curious to know the content on the paper.

Since the handwriting was not familiar, I began reading a poem I had never read before. Pondering my own experiences in life and the intent of the author, I believe others may also be intrigued with this poem written by an unknown author.

“A candle is a simple thing. It starts with just a bit of string. Yet dipped and dipped with patient hand, it gathers wax upon the strand until complete and snowy white, it gives at last a lovely light.

Life is so like that bit of string; each deed we do, a simple thing. Yet day by day if on life’s strand we work with patient heart and hand, it gathers joy; makes dark days bright; and gives at last a lovely light.”

Eighty-three ordinary words describing the process to create a candle were used to compare light and life. Perhaps the author was gifted with a long life and felt the need to share wisdom with future generations. Although the poem was written by hand, the words were gleaned from wisdom and polished by lessons learned in life.

Have you ever wondered about the lessons you are learning in life and pondered why we often do not appreciate what we have, until it is lost?

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease in one ear. The hearing loss is permanent and the lesson I learned with Meniere’s is my ingratitude for the healthy hearing I took for granted, until two years ago. My hope for you is to take a moment now and express appreciation for at least one thing in your life, before it is lost.

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How I Discovered Angel Food Ministries at the River of Life Church – Interview with Linda Jones

September 11, 2007

Have you ever thought about the impact of one conversation and how many other people are affected as well? Interested in saving money, I signed up for a coupon-clipping and money saving class and that is where I first heard about Angel Food Ministries, the real connection in that class.

Intrigued with Angel Food Ministries, I felt compelled to share this resource through Linda Jones’ answers to 7 simple questions.

1. What is one thing everyone interested in serving others, saving money and serving God must do? Be obedient to the Holy Spirit first and foremost. God will lay someone on your heart to help and when you help them, you are blessed in return. Angel Food Ministries is such a wonderful way to do just that!

2. What is one thing everyone interested in serving others, saving money and serving God must avoid? I recommend the two following guidelines:
(1) Never pay outrageous prices for food that has been marked up to pay for a fancy grocery store.

(2) Never buy for just your family!
3. Is Angel Food Ministries something that is here to stay? YES! We plan on growing the number of people we help monthly.

4. Can someone serve successfully as a volunteer in Angel Food Ministries and teach too? Absolutely, it only requires a few hours a month. I am currently taking a break from teaching at our church school to care for my two granddaughters that are 8 and 21 months old. They contracted RSV after Christmas and could not be around other children. After much prayer, I decided to take a break from teaching and I am enjoying spending time with them.

5. What has Angel Food Ministries done for you? It has inspired me most of all, that a small church in Georgia, knowing it is able to feed people across the country. Little is much when God is in it! It has also allowed me to help families that otherwise would have gone hungry, that had to choose between buying medication and buying food.

6. What trends to you currently see in Angel Food Ministries? We are seeing families buying more boxes of food to pass on to their neighbors and relatives. The needs are greater with times getting more challenging for everyone to put good food on the table; Angel Food Ministries is a must.

7. How and when did you first become interested in Angel Food Ministries? A little over a year ago our church women’s ministry started taking orders and signed our church up to be a distribution site. We saw God working through this ministry and were excited to be a part of it!


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Husband Received a New Heart and Kept His Old Wife – A Wife’s Life With a Heart Transplant Recipient

August 4, 2007

Vacationing in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, over the weekend proved to be more than a typical weekend vacation. Enjoying our stay at the resort, the day’s events blurred even though I had been scribbling notes as things grabbed my attention.

I met Luke at an outlet mall. Because his blue eyes sparkled, I could almost see my own reflection in his eyes. We spoke and he shared information about the area’s best entertainment. “Luke reminds me of Stephen Curtis Chapman,” I silently said. Between his captivating smile and his Paul Newman eyes, I felt I had rediscovered an old friend.

I asked my husband if he would get the coupon from our car, which could be used in the stores where we browsed. Without hesitation, my husband of 27 years walked to our car.

Luke and I began talking about the area’s different performers. Before I realized what was happening, the true story of how my husband received a heart transplant two years ago spilled effortlessly from my mouth. Luke’s eyes opened wide as I saw his comprehension of what I had just said.

My husband returned from the car with the coupon I requested. Luke eagerly shook my husband’s hand, although I am certain Ron did not know what had been discussed.

Continuing with our conversation, I told Luke, “My husband received a new heart and … actually kept his old wife.” The pause in my own realization of what I said unexpectedly startled me. We chuckled, not because of the heart transplant but because of the irony of my husband receiving a new heart and keeping his old wife. Of course, this is no laughing matter. However, the old adage of “out with the old and in with the new” caught us off guard. Luke smiled and said, “I believe there’s a country music song in there somewhere.” Perhaps he’s right.

Laughter prepares people to accept information in different ways. Our chuckles that Saturday morning were in jest, yet I realized my coping mechanism of laughter and faith had successfully carried me over obstacles I had never fathomed I would experience. In my miniscule way, I am beginning to understand God’s goodness and protection.

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