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Coupon Crack – An Addiction That Saves Money

July 10, 2008

Resting in her little chair, sitting propped up on the computer laptop, I felt “Miss Kitty,” my dog puppet was sitting on a story about her coupon crack addiction. Her mouth was wide open and her hair was swept back over one shoulder. “Yes, she’s a woman,” I remember thinking.

Her red two piece outfit with a design of petite white hearts perfectly matched her red “Baby Gap” shoes. Yellow ribbons tied onto each ear resembled portions of a golden halo, which was partially hidden in her pure white hair.

Miss Kitty is now 2 years old. I adopted her in April 2006. She is quiet at first glance but I am certain she has many stories to tell. The Charles Schulz’ “Snoopy” character must be one of her heroes. I know this because “Snoopy” is embroidered on her blouse.

Staring into the other room, I wonder what her real story could be. Did she really purchase five Mead composition books, 2 packages of notebook paper and 1 box of BIC stick pens for 9 cents?

That is her story and she is sticking with it. She likes to shop in cost effective ways and she must know a secret if she bought 8 things for 9 cents.

One minor detail she omitted to share, her mom, “that story lady,” recycled a print cartridge and received a $3 coupon off the next purchase.

Kitty saw the opportunity to buy what she needed and save money at the same time. The entire purchase price was $3.09 and with the $3 coupon in hand, the balance was 9 cents.

She focused on her plan and followed it through. That is what happens when you are addicted. Kitty is practical and addicted to saving money, which is perfectly okay with me.


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