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Second Glance at a First Hand Observation – A Tale of Three Telephones in the Afternoon Sunset

September 5, 2008

Shining brightly, the evening sunset in the sky clearly revealed telephone-shaped shadows on the brick wall. My husband announced, “Look at that! The sun is shining through the dotted outline of holes in each side section of that telephone booth. It is unusual these days to see a telephone booth mounted on a brick wall outside a business.”

I saw the open telephone booth as we entered the store and even noticed someone talking on the telephone as we walked into the store. I also remembered about how unusual it was to see a telephone booth mounted outside a business, especially since the prolific use of cell phones.

But my husband saw the reflection first. I looked again after hearing his observation. Amazed at what I saw, I knew I had a unique photo opportunity. However, this time I did not have a camera with me. My dilemma presented me with an opportunity either to minimize, maximize or cancel, similar to those three symbols on the top right hand corner of a computer screen. While my husband waited in the car, I dashed into the store once again.

Quickly checking disposable camera prices, I found two disposable cameras on sale for the price of one. Only two of those cameras sat on the shelf in the store. Believing those cameras were meant for this moment, I purchased them and immediately returned to the fleeting photo opportunity.

I saw three telephones on that brick wall but only one was real; the others were merely illuminated illusions.

Although easily distinguishable to the eye, I knew this message was for me. I understood the message although it was not in words. I knew who wanted me to talk with Him.

Telephone calls to Him are free and readily available to all, unlike telephone calls placed at pay telephones.


Angela Scott

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