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Sunday Afternoon Lesson of Appreciation For Home and Family

June 22, 2010

“Our women’s ministry group is holding a craft fair in the fellowship hall on Sunday afternoon,” my sister said. It was just one week before Christmas and although I had finished my shopping, the event sounded like fun.

Walking slowly into the crowded room, I attempted to follow the left aisle. Scanning crafts, prices, and people, I saw an open path and immediately walked toward the opposite side of the room.

Crocheted dish towels, cookbooks, customized pillowcases and baked goods are just a few of the items I saw that day. After scanning the entire room, I returned to my three favorite exhibits.

The first exhibit was a home baked persimmon pudding. I’ve been told this dessert is either loved or not. Since it’s only available in the fall season of the year, I knew this was my opportunity to taste a dessert I loved, one my mom had baked when I was a child. Purchase one completed.

The second exhibit was handcrafted pillow cases. Colors exploded and the custom designs temporarily mesmerized me. When my eyes landed on the purple and green set of pillowcases, it felt like I had found a tangible moment of tranquility. Purchase two completed.

The third exhibit was a combination of baked goods and miniature containers. Glancing at the display, I saw two miniature plastic bags inside a coffee mug, one contained a dry chocolate powder and the second contained a dry white powder. Directions to mix the contents in the cup were listed on the label affixed to the mug. It was something I hadn’t seen before and yet it reminded me of the miniature bake ovens popular with kids several years ago but this was an adult sized coffee mug. Purchase three completed.

Creativity of the exhibitors amazed me. In that simple Sunday afternoon event I had the opportunity to remember the love of my mom and dad, as well as explore new ideas that taught me ways to prepare things I hadn’t even considered.

When I looked at the calendar yesterday morning, an italicized quotation caught my eye. “Our minds are like parachutes; they work best when open.”


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