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Now Available in Hardcover

November 20, 2016

The Conversational Bible The New Testament in Story

My new book, “The Conversational Bible: The New Testament in Story Form” is now available in hardcover.

Here’s a synopsis:

What is more important for a young Christian than to be deeply and intimately familiar with the life of Christ? The Conversational Bible: The New Testament in Story Form walks through the events, teachings, and miracles of the New Testament, as well as the growth of the early church and the work of the apostles. Scripture is explained in an approachable, conversational style in order to appeal to new believers of all ages. Few things are more important in a Christian’s walk than the diligent reading of God’s Word, and The Conversational Bible encourages that practice while also expanding upon the teachings of Scripture, making it the perfect companion for the follower of Christ. The Conversational Bible, an update of History of the New Testament in Words of One Syllable, published in 1888, also contains many of the engravings found in the original.

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