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A Polished Poem Written By Hand – A Candle of Light to Understand Life

September 24, 2007

The woman gave a handwritten poem to my daughter at the jewelry store where Emily worked. A flat piece of paper, the poem rested on a chair in our home. After several days, I was curious to know the content on the paper.

Since the handwriting was not familiar, I began reading a poem I had never read before. Pondering my own experiences in life and the intent of the author, I believe others may also be intrigued with this poem written by an unknown author.

“A candle is a simple thing. It starts with just a bit of string. Yet dipped and dipped with patient hand, it gathers wax upon the strand until complete and snowy white, it gives at last a lovely light.

Life is so like that bit of string; each deed we do, a simple thing. Yet day by day if on life’s strand we work with patient heart and hand, it gathers joy; makes dark days bright; and gives at last a lovely light.”

Eighty-three ordinary words describing the process to create a candle were used to compare light and life. Perhaps the author was gifted with a long life and felt the need to share wisdom with future generations. Although the poem was written by hand, the words were gleaned from wisdom and polished by lessons learned in life.

Have you ever wondered about the lessons you are learning in life and pondered why we often do not appreciate what we have, until it is lost?

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease in one ear. The hearing loss is permanent and the lesson I learned with Meniere’s is my ingratitude for the healthy hearing I took for granted, until two years ago. My hope for you is to take a moment now and express appreciation for at least one thing in your life, before it is lost.

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