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Antique Hospital Souvenir Money Could Never Buy – The Story of My First Birth Day

March 10, 2010

Although small and seasoned with age, it is in mint condition. I have studied it perhaps as much as a textbook when I prepared to take a test. Seventeen years ago, Mom had given to me a tiny layette card that detailed the story about my first birth day. I immediately placed it in a miniature cedar chest for safe keeping.

Actually, it was quite safe because I had forgotten about it until a few months ago. On a quiet afternoon at home, I rediscovered the miniature card while looking through a collection of photographs, journals and souvenirs in my miniature cedar chest.

Recorded in cursive handwriting in blue ink on a pink card, I savored the precious gift of life my mom and dad had given me. Reading all the details on the card, I learned seven things about my first birth day:

1) The hospital room number where nurses and doctors took care of my mother, and me;
2) The length and weight of my body;
3) The breadth of my head and chest;
4) The name of the doctor who delivered me;
5) The name of the hospital;
6) The city and state of my birth; and
7) The company who provided the canned Pet milk formula for me and the other babies born that year.

Curious to learn more, I contacted the hospital where I was born and spoke with hospital representatives. That is how I learned the official name of the tiny card, as well as how the cards are provided free of charge to the hospital for families in their facility.

An antique, my tiny layette card is unique because I have not yet spoken with anyone else who received or remembers a similar type of card with Pet Milk Company listed in the last line of text on the card. In addition to the name of the company, a miniature picture of their milk product was also displayed.

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of playing Bingo with my mom and her friends at church. The passage of time was easy to see in all of our faces and bodies.

We all are seasoned with age; however, last week I also saw another picture of the heart I had not previously understood.

A verse in Proverbs states, “As water reflects the face, so one’s heart reflects the person.” Gazing around the room, tears welled in my eyes. I sensed a new appreciation for life and my family who loved and cared for me.

Although it was a quiet afternoon, I silently heard a story about the precious gift of life, which was loud and clear. Think about it.


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