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Caution – Memorizing Napoleon Hill’s Poem May Change Your Life

April 1, 2007

“I bargained with life for a penny and life would pay no more,however, I begged at evening when I counted my scanty store;

For life is a just employer he gives you what you ask but, once you have set the wages why, you must bear the task;

I worked for a menial’s hire only to learn dismayed that any wage I had asked of life, life would have willingly paid.”

Inside Napoleon Hill’s book, “The Master-Key to Riches,” I found a unique poem. Curious, I decided to memorize it. Although more challenging to memorize than originally anticipated, I finally succeeded.

The poem presented a unique message. After repeatedly writing the poem, I got the message. What had I asked for in my life? As I reviewed my adult years, I realized I had settled for a mediocre life and I could thank only myself for the results.

I began clipping out stories of hope and encouragement in newspapers and magazines. As I read, I began recording titles of books to read. Curious about the success habits of others, I wanted to know their secret.

One day I asked myself, “If I could do anything without any restrictions, what would I do?” Travel came to mind. I thought about my favorite colors and a doll I received at Christmas when I was five years old. I remembered how much I enjoyed watching the ventriloquist, Shari Lewis and her assistants, Lamb Chop and Hush Puppy. I realized my long forgotten dream of being a ventriloquist. I knew nothing about ventriloquism and had dismissed the idea because I simply did not know where to begin.

However, one night I decided to begin searching for a DVD on ventriloquism; I am a visual learner needing a lot of instructions. I found one. After considerable deliberation, I purchased the DVD. Step one completed.

I visited the coast for the weekend and found a puppet in a magic store. The identity of the puppet was a dog named “Goldie.” My best friend traveling with me knew I wanted to be a ventriloquist. She asked, “Do you really like the puppet?” She purchased it and handed her to me. Now I think about the dialogue Goldie wants to say. Step two completed.

My family and I ate dinner at a local restaurant where my daughter found a dog-themed miniature pet taxi. Even though our own dog, a miniature rat terrier, did not share our interest, I knew it would be ideal for Goldie as she travels to her speaking engagements. Step three completed.

Although I have not yet mastered the ventriloquist skills I desire, I realized I had actively begun the pursuit of fulfilling my childhood dream I had forgotten.

Perhaps you, too, have a forgotten dream. Stop and ask yourself the same question I did.
“What am I asking for in my life?”

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