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Confession of a Highly Effective Shopping Event – The Art of Using Coupons to Save Money

July 31, 2008

It surprised me when I walked into the office supply store. The sign screamed “15 cents” as I read the fine print indicating the limit of 5 packages of notebook paper per person. “Hmm,” I thought silently, “another opportunity to save a few dollars on school supplies. This is fun and yet I must confess I am addicted to saving money.”

As I reviewed the sales flier, I noticed the announcement which stated the door buster sales were only valid on Sunday and Monday. “Report portfolios, 1 penny each, a savings of 38 cents per report cover with a limit of 10 per customer.” Practical and extremely economical, the thrill of the hunt for the next bargain guided me as I walked through the aisles in the store.

Walking toward the cashier with my $3 coupon in hand, I realized I had only spent 85 cents before sales tax was added. The fine print on the coupon clearly stated, “$3 minimum purchase.” Turning to my husband, I said, “I have to check on some additional items.” After all, this shopping surprise was now an addicting challenge.

“Crayons, 25 cents per package, limit of 5 packages per customer,” I nodded my head in agreement and mentally totaled my expenses. “$1.25 for crayons, 75 cents for notebook paper, 10 cents for report portfolios with a grand total of $2.10. With only a momentary pause, I knew there had to be something else on sale, which would be practical as well.

That’s when I saw it, “1 inch 3-ring notebook binders, 50 cents each, limit of 2 per customer.” Smiling as I walked toward the cashier, my arms held 5 packages of notebook paper, 5 packages of crayons, 10 report covers, 2 notebooks and the $3 coupon, of course.

Watching as the cashier entered each amount into the cash register, she said, “Your total, after tax, is 11 cents.” I could hardly believe my ears but yet I knew I had followed the guidelines to use the $3 coupon. I maximized my coupon savings in an exponential way.

This is the second attack of coupon crack, which caught me by surprise. My dog puppet, “Miss Kitty,” summarized the first story about coupon crack. However, this time Miss Kitty was in the middle of an afternoon nap at home so this is my story of strategically saving money, by accident.

“Look at all of the school supplies I purchased for 11 cents,” I announced with a grin to my husband. “How did you do that?” he asked. But, then he paused. When he understood the reality of this highly effective shopping event, he nodded his head in agreement.

A few weeks ago I found an interesting quote in a book written by Dr. David P. Campbell, “If you want something to happen, make a space for it.” Waiting patiently, I am making a space for the 3rd attack of coupon crack as I ponder when and where the next opportunity will develop.


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