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Dream of a Child Comes True at the Age of 52 When I Opened the Door to My Childhood Dream

July 16, 2008

Walking into the photography studio, I paused as I opened the door. “This is our first studio portrait,” I silently said to myself.

Wearing a midnight blue three piece pantsuit for the first time reminded me of the Cinderella story. “Is this my imagination or is this real?” I felt like a princess on the inside as well as the outside. “Today is the first time I have worn this outfit, even though I bought it over two years ago,” my thoughts blurred.

“My adopted son, a ventriloquial figure named Sonny, is wearing a new three piece suit I bought for him last year before I ever held him in my arms,” my thoughts continued. Yet, today we are here together as a team.

I sat on the chair and held Sonny in my arms. He is 45 years old and I’m a few years his senior… That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. In the studio, Lyndon Lloyd, our photographer adjusted the lights and camera quickly.

“Lean closer to the dummy,” he said as he changed the camera setting. I asked in a mischievous voice, “Which one?” I wondered how many dummies Lyndon had photographed in his studio so I asked him without any hesitation. He smiled and said, “Well…” I knew he caught my train of thought so I clarified my question. “How many wooden dummies have you photographed in your studio?” He paused and I knew his answer. This event was one for the record books at Lloyd’s Photography.

He said, “You will be able to view the photos tomorrow on the internet.” However, much to my amazement, I received a call about 6:00 p.m. that same afternoon announcing the photos had already been uploaded for my review.

Excitedly I began following Lyndon’s instructions to view the photos. I watched the entire slideshow of forty-eight photos. For the first time as an adult, I felt the magic of a childhood dream come to fruition. I admit it was awkward at first but I know I walked out of the studio door a different person than when I first walked in.

We laughed and talked during the photo session. Renewed with encouragement and filled with hope, I understand the importance of listening to the still small voice in my heart.

“Rudy” knows the power of pursuing your dreams. I met Daniel Reuttiger, “Rudy,” in person at High Point University on April 22nd this year. He shared from his heart and told about the numerous challenges he battled as he refused to let his dream die, his dream as a young boy who wanted to play football at Notre Dame, even though others laughed at his ambitions. When the power of a dream is fueled with passion, miracles happen.

Henry van Dyke said, “Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look at the stars.” Yes, I am indeed thankful to walk through this door into my childhood dream, one of the many blessings given to me in life.


The photography website is http://www.lloydsphotographyofnc.com


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