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Framed For Success and Bound For Freedom

December 22, 2009


She was framed, but it was for a good cause. Her college graduation picture summed up the story of years of determination and hard work. For one of her birthday presents, I framed her picture of achievement. That precious moment is now displayed in the center of her bedroom.

Thinking about how to further emphasize her accomplishment as a college graduate, I asked if she would like her diploma framed in an official university frame. She said, “Yes!” So, my husband and I purchased the classic and official frame after three visits to the university bookstore.

“Today I am doing something that an educational expert told me several years ago could not be done. In a parent/teacher conference, her guidance counselor essentially told me my daughter was not capable of achieving a college diploma.” The expression on the manager of the bookstore spoke the shock I had felt when I first heard those words.

It has been eight years since that conference but I remember with clarity the recommendation of that guidance counselor, “It would be better to guide your daughter away from classwork required for a high school diploma and work toward a vocational degree instead of a college degree…”

Angered by the recommendation of her guidance counselor, I knew my daughter had a dream and a vision for her life. I decided to help her achieve the dream of earning a four year degree, as well as position her for a successful career. This year was the culmination of a major investment in her life as well as mine. We both learned things we never anticipated and achieved things beyond our expectations.

My daughter has been framed numerous times: birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, vacations, barbeques, and family gatherings. Convinced she is bound for success, I am thankful she was framed.

Rosita Perez, author of “The Music is You,” spoke about an expert who had made a similar but generic recommendation. Rosita followed the expert’s directions with the hopes of achieving a particular goal; however, she found herself in quite a dilemma. However, she was determined to achieve her goal. My daughter is a lot like Rosita. I have heard Mrs. Perez declare, “There is no stopping a motivated woman!”

Perhaps a good reminder for all of us is a proverb from Zambia, “A good wind is no use to a sailor who doesn’t know his direction.”

Focused and motivated, my daughter knew her direction and achieved insurmountable obstacles. My friend, Rosita accomplished her goal but also learned recommendations of experts can often be inadequate, myopic and mediocre.


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