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How I Discovered Angel Food Ministries at the River of Life Church – Interview with Linda Jones

September 11, 2007

Have you ever thought about the impact of one conversation and how many other people are affected as well? Interested in saving money, I signed up for a coupon-clipping and money saving class and that is where I first heard about Angel Food Ministries, the real connection in that class.

Intrigued with Angel Food Ministries, I felt compelled to share this resource through Linda Jones’ answers to 7 simple questions.

1. What is one thing everyone interested in serving others, saving money and serving God must do? Be obedient to the Holy Spirit first and foremost. God will lay someone on your heart to help and when you help them, you are blessed in return. Angel Food Ministries is such a wonderful way to do just that!

2. What is one thing everyone interested in serving others, saving money and serving God must avoid? I recommend the two following guidelines:
(1) Never pay outrageous prices for food that has been marked up to pay for a fancy grocery store.

(2) Never buy for just your family!
3. Is Angel Food Ministries something that is here to stay? YES! We plan on growing the number of people we help monthly.

4. Can someone serve successfully as a volunteer in Angel Food Ministries and teach too? Absolutely, it only requires a few hours a month. I am currently taking a break from teaching at our church school to care for my two granddaughters that are 8 and 21 months old. They contracted RSV after Christmas and could not be around other children. After much prayer, I decided to take a break from teaching and I am enjoying spending time with them.

5. What has Angel Food Ministries done for you? It has inspired me most of all, that a small church in Georgia, knowing it is able to feed people across the country. Little is much when God is in it! It has also allowed me to help families that otherwise would have gone hungry, that had to choose between buying medication and buying food.

6. What trends to you currently see in Angel Food Ministries? We are seeing families buying more boxes of food to pass on to their neighbors and relatives. The needs are greater with times getting more challenging for everyone to put good food on the table; Angel Food Ministries is a must.

7. How and when did you first become interested in Angel Food Ministries? A little over a year ago our church women’s ministry started taking orders and signed our church up to be a distribution site. We saw God working through this ministry and were excited to be a part of it!


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